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Quilting Cousins Canada is located in the heart of southwestern Ontario, offers long-arm quilting and binding services for your treasured quilts and specializing in making personalized T-Shirt quilts and Denim quilts that you and your family will cherish for many years to come.  Quilts and crafts by Quilting Cousins Canada are sure to impress. 

Cousins, Jacquie Anderson and Denise Johnston are both avid crafters and have many years experience with knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting.  Most recently they have both taken an interest in learning to quilt their own creations.  Largely self-taught their quilting knowledge will be an on-going experience and they are eager to try new and exciting piecing patterns and learn new quilting designs and techniques.  

TDouble Carpenter Star Quilt by the Quilting Cousins Canadahe focus of Quilting Cousins Canada is to quilt your creations with the same care and attention given to their own quilts.  They'll even bind your quilt for you!  For details see Long Arm Quilting Services under the Quilted Creations tab at the top of the page.   In addition to quilting and binding services Quilting Cousins Canada also offers to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind quilts using your own favourite T-shirts, as well as offering a special denim quilt creation made from your old jeans. You'll also find information on Rag Quilts, a special section on Handcrafted Gifts for all occasions and a Photo Gallery. You are invited to browse the galleries and see for yourself some of the beautiful quilt and gift creations of Quilting Cousins Canada or find us on Facebook - Quilting Cousins Canada - and view our albums and photos of completed projects. 

At Quilting Cousins Canada, you can be assured that only the finest of products are being used.  This includes a durable batting, superior thread and the finest of materials for the top and back of your lovely quilt.  The exception to this rule are T-Shirt and denim quilt tops as the material will be only as good as what you send to us for use on the quilt.

Orders for quilting services and gifts can be placed through  a private message on the Facebook page.  Or email Denise at jdenisejohnston@gmail.com and Jacquie at jda59@hotmail.com please do provide your phone number so that your order may be discussed and detailed quickly and efficiently.  Every effort will be made to respond to your inquiries within 48 hours. Quilting Cousins Canada will accept Canadian orders only at this time and all shipping costs, if applicable, will be paid by the customer.  All purchases and services will be invoiced and payable at time of pick-up or delivery by cash, paypal, or Visa/Mastercard using the Square reader. 

"We look forward to hearing from you soon" - QCC