Quilts and CraftsHere is a picture of Dad's T-shirt quilt made for Emily.


    Emily I had such a great experience with QCC! I had a t-shirt quilt made by Jacquie for my dad's birthday which is next week! It is filled with his favourite old t-shirts and is very special. I can't wait to give it to him.


    • Quilts and CraftsThank you Emily, for the opportunity to create this special quilt for your Dad. I hope he has many years of enjoying it's cozy comfort. - Jacquie 5/29/2014

    Quilts and CraftsCongratulations to Terry and Meagan Hohner who were married on May 17, 2013. They received this quilt "Birds of Paradise" as a wedding gift. Do you have an upcoming wedding? Consider a unique custom-crafted quilt as a bridal gift.


      Quilts and CraftsCongratulations to the winner of the pink Harley-Davidson T-shirt quilt raffled at the London, Ontario location of Rocky's Harley-Davidson. Their Ladies' Garage Party was held March 28, and the quilt raised $860.00 for F.A.C.E. I.T. London


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          NeecynewI have my quilt, and it's beautiful. Thank you Jacquie for helping me pick my colours that ended up perfect for my couch and all your hard work.. I love my quilt


            NeecynewMy quilt is coming along nicely. I'm can't wait to see it in person. Lots of work Miss J. :-) ty ty ty. I love it!


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                ElishaI love the quilts denise made for me! They are fabulous! Amazing work and great quality!


                  Quilts and CraftsThe Muppets and Kermit the Frog, pieced and quilted by Denise available through our Items For Sale. Thanks for visiting our site


                    Quilts and CraftsThis lovely rag quilt was designed by Jacquie and is available through our Items For Sale. Thanks for visiting our site.


                      NeecynewI'm so excited to see my quilt in progress. I love the colours and can't wait to put it on my couch!!!


                        Quilts and CraftsIt has been a very exciting month for Quilting Cousins Canada. We've been busy organizing our website, shopping for fabrics and patterns and we have received our first custom order! Check out the 9-Patch file in "Work in Progress" in the Gallery.


                          Quilts and CraftsQuilting Cousins Canada would like to thank our web designer, Adam Johnston, he has been great getting this going for us and we appreciate him very much. Thanks Adam


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                              SeleneCongratulations Ladies!