Our Machines

Tin Lizzie Long Arm Quilting Machine system, model 18LS with an 18" throat.  This frame is capable of loading quilts up to a queen size.


RAM Long Arm Quilting System by Tin Lizzie 18, with an 18" throat.  This system can load a quilt up to 86" wide. 

Threads & Consumables: We use high quality threads in both cotton and polyester from well known and proven brands such as Gutterman, King Tut, Masterpiece and Bottomline. All thread is included in the cost of quilting service.  In addition to using only the finest of threads, we also use top quality cotton batting designed to stand the test of time. 

Free Motion Quilting Patterns:  $2.75 per square foot

  • Small, medium or large scale puzzle meander
  • Looping meander
  • Double circle meander
  • Swirls and tails meander 

Pantographs:  $3.00 to $4.25 per square foot

  • Many elegant and whimsical patterns to choose from
  • Density and complexity of pattern determines quilting cost
  • We'll suggest what best compliments your quilt for your approval

Multiple Custom Quilting Patterns:  $5.00 per square foot

  • Provides a unique look to your quilt
  • Gives high density quilting where you want it
  • Defines block pattern and negative space


Dislike binding your quilts? Quilting Cousins Canada is pleased to offer you our binding service for your pre-made quilt. Bindings are sewn by machine to the front of the quilt with a 1/4 inch seam allowance with mitered corners.  The binding is then turned to the back and sewn in place by hand giving your quilt a smooth, polished binding to frame your creation.  

Fabric binding to be provided by you and must be at least 2 1/2 inches wide and long enough to go completely around the 4 sides of your quilt PLUS 24 extra inches to allow for mitering of corners and joining.  

Cost: $40.00 flat fee on all sizes


London Knights T-Shirt lap quilt made from 2 T-ShirtDo you have a collection of T-shirts buried in the back of your closet or dresser drawer? Let Quilting Cousins Canada create a one-of-a-kind T-shirt quilt for you. We will use your favourite and treasured T-shirts to construct the quilt top. 

Each T-shirt block will be lined with a pre-shrunk, 100% cotton interwoven interfacing to prevent stretching and shifting. Interfacing, batting and all thread will be provided by Quilting Cousins Canada and a binding fee is included in the cost of the quilt, as shown below. Your personalized T-shirt quilt will be quilted using a high quality thread in a "meandering" pattern to compliment and enhance each T-shirt block. You will have a unique and personalized quilt to cherish for years to come. 

We ask you to provide: 

§  12 to 20 shirts depending on size of your quilt. They do not have to be new but they should be clean, have no holes and the logo should not be cracked or falling off the fabric. Any shirts not used in the quilt top will be returned to you with your finished quilt. Please note that the specific number of T-shirts required will be determined according to size of print and/or picture on the T-shirts and whether print is on front only or front and back.

§  Backing fabric of your colour and pattern choice in flannel or cotton. Yardage requirement will be determined at the time you place your order.

§  Batting will be included in the cost shown below as well as a binding fee.

Possible T-Shirts: Sports teams, Vacation destinations, Special Events, Rock Concerts, Beer Logos, Corporate or employment T-shirts or your favourite animal Tees.  

Cost: $300.00 for child size - up to 36" x 40" 

        $400.00 for lap size - up to 55" x 65" 

          $600.00 for bed size - up to 70" x 80"

T-Shirt bags and throw pillows can also be made using your favourite Tees. Pricing will be determined at the time of your order.  

 An excellent way to "re-cycle" your worn out jeans, Denim quilts can be smooth seamed or made in the rag style.  They are pieced together using 6 1/2 inch squares of used denim clothing (jeans, shirts, jackets, skirts) or newly purchased denim fabric.  A smooth-seamed quilt will have a finished 6" square while a rag quilt will have a 4 1/2 inch finished square with a 1 inch rag on each seam on one side of the quilt.  The reverse side will have smooth seams.  

Smooth seamed denim quilts are excellent as couch throws or for outdoor use as beach blankets, picnic blankets, camping, emergency-kit blanket for the car and even as pet blankets to protect your car seats.  The backing for denim quilts can be cotton, preferred for outdoor use or flannel for indoor use.  If using cotton for the backing a low-loft fiberfill batting is recommended to reduce the overall weight of the quilt.  If using a flannel for the backing no batting is required.  Machine quilting will be done in a meandering pattern and all thread will be provided by Quilting Cousins Canada and included in the cost of the quilt. 


Here is what we ask you to provide:

  • Clean, used denim clothing or pre-washed denim fabric purchased for the quilt top size you desire.  If you are providing used clothing, please see cost list below.
  • Batting if required, 2 inches wider and longer than the finished size of quilt.  To be confirmed at the time of your order.
  • Backing fabric of your choice and binding fabric in sufficient yardage for the quilt size of your choice.  To be confirmed at the time of your order. 
  • An additional binding fee of $40.00 will be applied to the cost of your denim quilt if a binding is ordered and will be confirmed at the time of your order.

Cost:  $125.00 for child size - up to 36" x 42" - equivalent of 6 pairs of adult                                                                         men's jeans

         $275.00 for lap size - up to 50" x 60"   - equivalent of 8 pairs of adult                                                                         men's jeans 

         $350.00 for bed size - up to 66" x 72"  - equivalent of 10 pairs of adult                                                                       men's jeans

Rag Quilt by the Quilting Cousins in London OntarioRag quilts are soft, cozy and perfect for cool nights at the cottage and snuggling in front of the fire on a cold winter's eve.  Rag quilts can be made of flannelette or denim or a combination of both.

Batting for a rag quilt is diaper flannelette, bamboo or warm and natural.   Our personal choice is white flannelette which lends an extra dimension and contrast to the ragged seams.  

Both flannel and denim rag quilts can be bound like a regular quilt or the outside edges can be "ragged", whichever you prefer.  Machine quilting will not be necessary since the quilting is done as the quilt is constructed.

There are unlimited patterns to rag quilts and we are completely open to whatever pattern design you wish.   Ragged seams can be positioned all to one side of your quilt giving you a smooth back and a soft ragged front or some of the seams can be turned to the back side for variety.  

If you choose to order a custom made rag quilt from Quilting Cousins Canada, we prefer that you provide the pattern, fabrics and batting required for the size of quilt you desire in order to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.  Thread will be provided by Quilting Cousins Canada.

We encourage you to browse our Gallery of Quilts and Crafts to see examples of various styles of rag quilts.  The rag quilts shown in the gallery are not for sale, but for display purposes only. 

Cost: ** $125.00 for child size - up to 36" x 46" 

          ** $200.00 for lap size - up to 55" x 65" 

** indicates that pattern, fabric and batting will be provided by customer.


A cozy quilt with bamboo battingQuilting Cousins Canada also has a fine selection of handcrafted gifts for all your special occasions be they birthdays, holidays, weddings or new baby.  You are invited to browse the photo gallery for one-of-a-kind gift ideas and if you see something you like, just contact us and let us know. 

Items shown in the photo gallery are the only one of its kind for the purpose of display and may not be able to be reproduced exactly as shown.  Items can be reproduced in similar fabrics and colours to those shown, or in the colours of your choice.

To place your custom order please send an email on the Contact Us page and include the item you wish to purchase (tote bags, toys, table toppers, quilts, etc), the size of item required, if applicable (see below for approximate sizes and costs of quilts), fabric theme (floral, sports, beach, etc.) and your choice of a main colour.  If you have a particular quilt pattern in mind add that as well, otherwise Quilting Cousins will choose a pattern to showcase the fabric chosen.  

If you already have the fabric send us a photo of it along with your order or if you prefer, we will assist you in shopping for the fabric and batting.  Another alternative is that we purchase fabric and batting in the theme and colour of your choice with the cost of the purchase being added to the total cost of your quilt.    

Our basic cost for making a simple block quilt is $5.00 per square foot which includes the cutting, piecing, and quilting.  Pricing will increase with the size and complexity of the quilt blocks chosen and will be discussed with you at the time of your order.  There will be a separate charge for the binding at .25 cents per inch and calculated on your size quilt. The exact measurements when the quilt is finished will be used to determine the total cost for final payment.  Below are listed approximate starting costs based on the dimensions given and pricing will increase with the complexity of the pattern you choose:

  • Baby: 36" x 48" - 12 square feet = $60.00 
  • Crib:  36" x 60" - 15 square feet =  $75.00
  • Twin bed:  63" x 87" - 38 square feet = $190.00
  • Double bed:  78" x 87" - 47 square feet = $235.00
  • Queen bed:  84"x 92" - 53.5 square feet = $267.00

Any other dimensions (i.e. a lap size quilt or couch throw) will be estimated based on size and pattern at time of order.  

Pricing of all other items is as listed in the photo description on the Items for Sale page.   

Be sure to include your phone number in your order in the event we need to contact you personally to discuss your order.